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Dec 23, 2012 3:30pm PST
government archives say both your parents were nazi collaborators. that's a lie. my parents worked for the underground. when the nazis came to our village, they were going to kill my parents for helping the resistance. i sold my soul to help them. and you did it by turning them into collaborators. the simplest way is always the best. when the war was over, our friends in the village lynched my parents, and i still had eight years left on my deal. you asked me to save your parents from the nazis, sofia. when he came back to collect, i was waiting for him. and you fought back, like i did. i do like the feisty ones. for centuries, i hated myself for making a deal. i took it out on them, on the ones he sent me to collect, but it isn't their fault. they deserve a chance at redemption. we all do. he'll be fine. check your phone. well, a deal is a deal, sofia. you can ask to save him if you want to. oh, but just one little thing-- i didn't agree to give you exactly the same deal as morgan. if you let escobar off... you take his place. rules are rules, dear boy. you never mentioned he was
Dec 18, 2012 2:00am PST
. they are the initials of hitler 's private secretary, who bought the party for the nazi party in 1978 and had it decorated accordingly -- in 1938 and had a decorated accordingly. even today, there is no plaque outside the house relating the history of nazi crimes. the fate of the house has triggered a public controversy in braunau. historians and local residents taking part in the meeting think politicians should have dealt with the issue a lot sooner. >> unfortunately, we have not been able to do anything to the building, either inside or out. that is the main problem we have been facing. >> but the owner of the house was unable to block this memorial, which was erected on the pavement in 1989. the granite stone comes from a concentration camp 80 kilometers away from the town. it is the least one reminder of the past. this man has long been interested in the history of his town. he thinks it is significant that hitler paid so little attention to his own birth place. hitler lived the first three years of his life in baunau but only return once after germany's annexation of austria -- in braun
Dec 9, 2012 7:00am EST
to help the cause of freedom and liberty against the forces of nazi fascism speaks that he was studying at harvard at the time. what was he studying and what was his life projector at that point? >> well, he, like his four brothers had grown up in new jersey and vermont where his family had had property for quite, several generations. he went to prep school at st. paul school where he distinguished himself as a student and as a student leader and as an athlete. and like all his brothers in his uncles and his grandfather's before him he went off to harvard. he was quite literary. he was a good writer. he was known as a good writer, and when he went to war he kept journals and wrote wonderful letters which i hunted up and explored to find a really the story of what happened to him when he went to war. i knew growing up that he had been killed. by the time i was, became of age of course he was gone. he was killed in 1943 in tunisia. and that's pretty much all i knew about him, except for what he looked like. there were mementos around my grandmother's house. and up at six years ago i decid
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Nov 30, 2012 7:00pm PST
toast nancy pants pussied out on our nuclear lunar program? eisenhower. sure, ike beat the nazis but what about the moon nazies? oh, they don't exist? that's just what moon hitler wants you to believe. instead, instead we chose lunar appeasement. and it is just emboldened the moon. i swear last week that thing was half the size. this nation, i say this nation must nuke the moon before it can acquire nuclear weapons of its own. and don't think it isn't trying because we know it is teamed up with fundamentalist islam. (laughter) folks, if you ask me, you shouldn't be asking me because i ask the questions around here. this is tip of the hat, wag of the finger. (cheers and applause) nation, one of the very biggest losers of the recent election was traditional marriage. you see three more states legalized gay marriage. no surprise that one of the new states is washington. what dow expect from a state named for a guy who wears q-- capri slacks. (laughter) but one of the state's biggest corporations, boeing, a name synonymous with aerospace excellence and bonner sound effects has indica
Dec 14, 2012 2:30pm PST
a german neo-nazi gang was able to carry out a 13-year murder spree. >> that is because he was the interior minister for part of that time. he denied suggestions made by parliamentary inquiry that he mishandled the situation. the group calling itself the national socialist underground murdered 10 people, including nine immigrants. enquiries trying to establish why it took the authorities that long to track down the killers. >> he has had to answer a lot of questions lately. he is currently finance minister, but his appearance before a parliamentary inquiry committee related to his earlier job as interior minister. >> the question is how did the while he was in office. >> during the 2006 public appeal about the murders, why was the decision made to play down a racist and right wing extremists motive? >> the right-wing terror cell managed to include germany's security agencies for years. the police, prosecutors, and intelligence services were fumbling in the dark for clues about the 10 unsolved murders. many believe it was a grave mistake not to conduct an investigation under the leadership o
Dec 30, 2012 1:00pm PST
thetrocies ding world war ii by fleeing the nazi army had to wait almost 50 years before they were rehabilitated, and irish war veterans have had to wait even longer. >> these guys have seen a lot. philip fought with the british army against nazi germany. he took part in the allied invasion of normandy, a bloody battle that claimed thousands of lives. then he, you know, left ireland to go fight in the war because he just got married. he wanted to make a difference. he still had a wife and seven children. grandchildren as he got older. just what you would want to be as a man, i suppose. >> he wants justice for his grandfather, but time is running out. philip is over 90 years old. he never shows off his medals for bravery. even today, nearly 70 years later, he is afraid of the irish authorities. he deserted the irish army to fight for the british, and he was sent to prison when he returned. the trauma has remained with him. this is the first time his family has let anyone film him. strangers and even more so a video camera make him nervous. >> he is still nervous at this ste. i would
Dec 3, 2012 9:00pm PST
of history. we all know the story when the nazis came to power and made homo sexuals and others put pink triangles on their clothes and in germany 4 million out of 85 million germans were members of nudist organizations and clubs. in 1933 after the nazis seized was a decree issued ordering all gas stopo forces to destroy the nude culture and they did. in san francisco we have a nudist movement. at best you could say we are regular people promoting body acceptance and we are a harmless group of eccentrics. a small mawpive group is controlling supervisor wiener. mr. wiener has made this bargain. if there has to be a nudity ordinance let the people of san francisco decide if they lose the freedoms in a open initiative process and whether they're for tolerance and body freedom or else kill this legislation now. this is san francisco. people all around the world consider us a beacon for acceptance and tolerance and center for free thought. this is america, land of the free. this kind of legislation can't happen here, can it? thank you. >> next speaker. >> hi i am she'lly tenny. i
Dec 9, 2012 4:35pm EST
is a position in a given political context. there were moderate nazis. but they were still not seize. -- all it defines is a position in a given political context. there were moderate not cease. -- nazis. but theyw er were still nazis. but these people are extremists. we do have some type of understanding of how these groups are, and how in chemical their values are to our own. -- their values are to our own. point one. point two is something rob said in his remarks, we need to respect to they are. respect is to understand the gravity of what they are about. they are not about and less corrupt delivery of social services. they are about a virtue. the fundamental political distinction going all the way back to the greeks is the question, are you a virtue based society or a freedom based society? the new government in egypt, iran, all of them organize a panel "live on what they believe is virtue -- political life on what they believe is virtue. it dictates your scope of action in life. it dictates fundamental, moral choices about who you mary, all kinds of stuff. that is another way in which w
Dec 25, 2012 8:00am PST
. >> you were born in nazi- occupied hungary? >> well, add has a lot to do with that. i have attention deficit disorder myself. and again, most people see it as a genetic problem. i don't. it actually has to do with those factors of brain development, which in my case occurred as a jewish infant under nazi occupation in the ghetto of budapest. and the day after the pediatrician sorry, the day after the nazis marched into budapest in march of 1944, my mother called the pediatrician and says, "would you please come and see my son, because he's crying all the time? " and the pediatrician says, "of course i'll come. but i should tell you, all my jewish babies are crying." now infants don't know anything about nazis and genocide or war or hitler. they're picking up on the stresses of their parents. and, of course, my mother was an intensely stressed person, her husband being away in forced labor, her parents shortly thereafter being departed and killed in auschwitz. under those conditions, i don't have the kind of conditions that i need for the proper development of my brain circuits. and
Dec 29, 2012 10:00pm EST
were fighting 10 nazi divisions combined and the soviets alone were fighting 200 through june of 44. and so, they were desperate for the united states to open up the second front to western europe and the british. roosevelt's stalin to send molotov the top general to washington in may of 42 and in june of 40 to the united states issued a public statement saying we are going to open up the second front before the end of the war, before the end of the year 1942. we promise that publicly and get we don't open up the second front until june of 44 and that is partly because the british refused to go along with this. the united states and the british get involved in what marshall calls peripheral and marshall and eisenhower opened up a second front and the united states when instead to basically defend the british empire. there was going to be a lot of mistrust between the united states and the soviets particularly during the war. the seeds of the cold war actually are visible during the war. in certain tensions of course because the second front is the soviets had on their own and largel
Dec 31, 2012 10:00am EST
trading partners, and soon the acquisition of slave workers allowed albert's theater to sustain nazi production. even then, germany faced a fatal and hugely ironic reality of reverse 11 strong in which undesirable people were flooding back into germany to sustain the war effort. both german soldiers and vast numbers were being sent to russia to die. when the germans surrendered and the japanese were pushed back to their home island, the american propensity to save the human lives while wasting cheaper bullets and bombs reached its zenith with the dropping of the two atomic bombs. virtually all of the relevant evidence, recent evidence from both american and japanese sources nowadays president harry truman's decision to drop both bombs. japanese leaders did not display the slightest acknowledgment of military reality, illustrated by the report of a doctor. japan's top atomic scientist who was sent down to the regime of the following day and he had to report back to the emperor. and he was asked was this an atomic bomb? yes, it's an atomic bomb. then came the line, how long till we get
Dec 16, 2012 11:00pm EST
because they have given experiences of the war. germany was nazi germany. poland resisted very strongly. the nazis had one of the most resistant movements in europe. the hon variants were different. they were -- the hungarians were different. i was interested in how did they react and the subsequent process of sovietization. >> how would you describe the situation in the country's today, the lifestyle, the economy, the openness to democracy and all that? >> all of them are democracies. east germany is not east germany. it is part of germany, so it is indistinguishable. west germany is poorer in some ways than poland, a country that has recovered more vigorously than the eastern part of germany. poland is a very vibrant democracy, maybe too vibrant, but it plays a very important and central role in europe. it is a member of nato. it is the largest of the former east european countries. it has a larger role in that region than anybody else. hungary is still a democracy, and it is a liberal capitalist states. it has been badly governed and the last 20 years, and if this bill in many ways -
Dec 2, 2012 11:30pm PST
in budapest. i was not prepared for the thousands ofneo nazis and state sanctioned militia that would meet a couple hundred marchers, thousands of them. * there was one young man, 21 years old, young hungarian, who would be the only person to go on tv with me, only hungarian, malan would take a blow horn and walk through the streets against families that hated us, and he walked and he shouted and he kept the morale up as we were walking against this sea of people who didn't like us because we were representing the inclusion and diversity that we so much cherish here. he was inspired by the story of my uncle and he said to me, do you think this is how harvey felt? and i said to him, it's exactly how harvey felt. now, after the march i learned that malan had refused to go into the one sponsor that the pride had left, which was a bar, because they wouldn't let in people from the roma community. and he said, no, that is not the way we're going to do things. and he wouldn't go in. when i left and when i landed back in the u.s., i found out that malan also had another struggle. he went home that
Dec 25, 2012 12:00pm EST
's kind of a new world flow, not exactly new world order but a new nazi order inqdf europe are.qesgqdcq >> so, brooke stoddard, yousrçzz the french who ended up getting control ofj the french fleet? >> it's interesting, because hitler understood this fear that the british had, just as well as the british did, that the french navy was a very, very important piece of the global situation. and he wanted france to drop out of the war their key didn't want them to continue fighting. he didn't want the french ships to keep attacking them. so he made the terms with the french strong terms, but he also allowed some negotiation or terms that they would accept. he thought if he made them too strong, too strict, they would say forget it, we're going to keep fighting. but the term for the french navy was this, the agreement said that the friendships would remain neutral under the supervision of the germans and the italians. and the french could use certain vessels for coastal defense, something like that. but to the french, that was okay, we've kept our agreement and a way with t
Dec 29, 2012 11:30pm EST
assume you were talking about soviet russia and nazi germany. were these regimes possible because of the uniformity? if that is the case, how did the myriad number of protestant denominations in the united states provide a unique defense against tyranny? >> i would not say -- i was not referring to just the soviet union and nazi germany. communist china killed far more of those two tyrannies combined, with no christian heritage to speak of. there are serious scholars that makes serious arguments that there is something and luther's temperament that was germanic. he was no democrat. the more, the merrier. religious factions or alternative sources of social authority. what you want is a society in which the state does not monopolized social authority. >> you talked extensively about religion in the united states contributing to [inaudible] there is one particular force that think they can inflict their views on this country. they insist said it was the intention of the founding fathers to create a christian equivalent of iran, which i do not think is the case. just because you are r
Dec 25, 2012 5:30pm PST
-the-top governor in "the best little whorehouse in texas," and the bumbling nazi colonel in "to be or not to be" that earned him two oscar nominations in the early '80s. >> it's good to hear your voice. >> axelrod: charles durning grew yo poor in upstate new york. he left home at 16 before starting his theater career as an usher at a burlesque house. world war ii interrupted that career. he was 21 years old on d-day when he was in the first wave to nit omaha beach, the only man in his unit to survive. r rarely spoke about that day, natirecalled the landing at the national memorial day concert in 2007. >> i was the second man off my barge. and the first and third man got killed. hereporter: later, he was bayoneted by a german soldier afore killing him with a rock. durning won a silver star and three purple hearts. like so many depression era kids, charles durning loved to work. "if i'm not in a part," he once said," i drive my wife crazy." charles durning is survived by three children. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery. a message of peace from a man oro knows the horrors of war. t
Dec 23, 2012 11:00pm EST
congress the day after christmas 1944. >> wounds have been inflicted upon the nazi tyranny which have bitten deep and will fester and inflame, not only in the nazi body, but in the nazi mind. mussolini is now but a lackie and a serf, a mere utensil of his master's will. many have been astonished. what kind of a people do they think we are? is it possible they do not realize that we shall never cease to persevere against them until they have been taught a lesson which they and the world will never forget? >> right over his left shoulder was the vice president of the united states at the time, a controversial man. what impact did that speech have? >> i think the week that he was here had an impact. we were in the war whether churchill came are not keeping america was a raging against the japanese. not the germans. then hitler made the dunderheaded decision to declare war on the united states when he did not have to. churchill realized what that would mean if the americans looked to your first. the policy of germany first, then japan had be worked out, which is why churchill was in washi
Dec 8, 2012 9:00pm EST
said he learned to pray in a nazi prison camp and from here on out, every day is a bonus. every day is a bonus living in this country of freedom and opportunity. that is what i learned making this film and spending time with those who fought in world war ii. to paraphrase joe dean, to all the veterans here today, we will never forget your legacy. you will never forget what you did for this country and our mission to the honor flight network and this film is to share your incredible story. to our family and neighborhood and community spirit the promise that by visiting this memorial and seeing our film, children in this country will know the price of feed them and what you did. tonight we begin to fulfill that promise as we join 2500 people in the dar constitution hall to continue to honor the service of our world war ii with a special screening of the "honor flight" documentary. that tells their stories as well as the doctor and wife of one of the vet's in our film. we will never forget what you did for our country. thank you for having me today. [applause] >> it is now my privilege
Dec 9, 2012 12:00am EST
things, he learned to pray in a nazi prison camp, and from here on out, every day is a bonus. every day is upon us living in this country of opportunity. that is what i learned making this film and spending time with the men and women who fought in world war two. to paraphrase, to all the veterans who are here today, we will never ever forget your legacy. we will never ever forget what you did for this country, and our mission with this film is to continue to share your incredible stories, first to our families and neighborhoods and communities. we promised that by visiting this memorial and seeing our film, children in this country will know the price of freedom and what you did. tonight we begin to fulfill that promise as a joint 2500 people in the constitution hall to continue to honor the service of our world war ii veterans with a special screening of the "honor flight" documentary, which tells the story of julian and joe, as well as others. we will never ever forget what you all did for this country. thank you very much for having me here today. [applause] >> it is my privilege to
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Dec 15, 2012 8:00pm PST
the nazies perpetrated as kidnapping i can think much. >> geraldo, thank you for joining us in newtown, connecticut. you will have a live show later this evening from newtown. and we know folks will want to watch that at 10 o'clock eastern time. thank you for joining us. wilehear from a mother whose son was at sandy hook and he was in the school during the shooting yesterday. that's next initiated. neural speeds increasing to 4g lte. brain upgrading to a quad-core processor. predictive intelligence with google now complete. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself. >> as parents of the stunes in sandy hook elementary school got the word of the shooting, they rushed to the school and nearby fire house and fearing the worst and hoping and praying for the best. that's where chris teen wilfred found her senyear old son safe and sound and she joins us on the phone, chris teen, thank you so much. it is it a difficult time for you and i appreciate you being willing to visit with us about it >> when you first heard something happened in the s
Dec 25, 2012 4:00pm PST
of the famous cathedral, the nazis have established fire. >> we traveled west of paris to normandy to this village, to one of three bell foundrys still in operation. here they are casting the eight new bells to hang in the to your. >> the original bells were seized during the revolution and melted to cannon balls. they are recasting them in copper and continue using molds fashioned from horse hair and ma nuria. >> as we don't want them to make them twice, we will make them higher in tune. and we will take the met a aloff inside to get it perfectly calibrated. >> once tuned, they will toll for the first time in march on palm sunday. right now it is the christmas nativity scene that draws the crowds with two million people expected in december. always an attraction. though it's the majesty of notre dame that stands the greatest testament to that fate and to man's inspiration. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank.
Dec 3, 2012 9:30pm PST
the legislation, so i will try not to be too hiker bollic but equate this with nazi germany and scott wiener is a little bit over board. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good morning. good morning ladies and gentlemen. my name is mitch hightower and live in the community and i am -- part of the naked nude and two words that make everyone's ears perk up even here in san francisco. the supervisor has seriously exaggerated the nudity in jane warner plaza and now a city wide problem and involving every elected official in local government. this has given the supervisor media attention and has name is known around the planet and throwing away san francisco live and let live and i ask you where is the evidence? i will tell you what evidence i have. i have a petition with 1500 signatures and comments and asking you ladies and gentlemen, the board of supervisors, not -- i politely repeat not to implement a city wide nudity ban. the supervisor from district eight refers to some of his own constituents as disgusting and a blight on the neighborhood. this has rendered intolerable in san francisco
Dec 3, 2012 10:00pm PST
against the members of the board, the police department, comparisons to nazi germany to me are out of bounds. i think what is missing in this debate is the dedication to civility. i am fully in support of this measure. it has become a vocal debate in my home and office and within the castro and to quote donna summer and barbara striez sand qualify enough is enough". it's an issue of civility. being naked and exposing oneself in public maybe a joy to some, but those that work and tended those with hiv and worked with the lgbt homeless youth and making it not an adult neighborhood but a neighborhood. we find it offensive. i find it offensive. i urgelet full board to pass this ban and i am sure no one is happy to see this come before the board. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i am thomas lynch. i am from berkeley. i am fearful of the precedent you will set if you allow this to continue. wearing clothes in public is certainly a healthy pres defnlt i hear now that genital decoration is the new thing and a clue to standards being yielded. if i were a parent i would b
Dec 30, 2012 9:00pm EST
into the southern belly of the nazi empire, italy and the balkans, regaining greece which is a tremendous story. everyone talks about eastern europe. as an outsider i see what about the british when they went back into greece in 1944 and started bombing the streets of athens and killing the people, the communist resistors that fought against the nazis. the british were ruthless. that is another point. people say look at what stalin did in poland. he broke the altar. i don't believe they did. i will tell you more about that. look what the british did. but we did increase in the cold war period, the early cold war period we and the truman doctrine of 47 to 49, we had american advisers and early vietnam there were already over increase read the the british coal is truly to get back the mediterranean, along the region's coming get iran back in the conflict in iran in 1945. beyond that, it's crucial. we showed that in the beautiful maps. he gets to the far east and it is the richest resources around known to britain, not us. so then it isn't -- you can't dhaka the u.s. soviet relations without talki
Dec 12, 2012 4:00pm PST
," he kills the nazis. at that time i would have wanted to kill the nazis. if i was a slave i would want to kill the people who were enslaving me. >> it seems straightforward. when it comes to drudge's headline, it's seeking attention. it doesn't matter where it comes, friend or foe he's looking for attention. like a three-year-old jumping up and saying, me, me, me. if they're looking for negative attention, just don't give it to them. don't feed the fire. just ignore them. >> i think they want attention, too. i think before they ask for that attention they should probably update their website because it is a hot mess. it's 2012, let's get it together. >> cenk: it looks like it's from 1987. lauren thank you for joining us. >> thank you, cheng. >> cenk: when we come back, the elbow of the day. it's a fun one and literal, as well. something falls from the sky. you guessed it. you know what it is. exciting issue. from financial regulation, iran getting a nuclear bomb, civil war in syria, fraud on wall street, destruction of medicare and medicaid. there are real issues here. having been a go
Dec 21, 2012 12:00am PST
interesting characters, and there are some, you know -- i mean they take on a few things so -- >> jimmy: nazi stuff going on there. >> there's a little nazi stuff. catholic church. it's a broad -- it covers a lot of ground. >> jimmy: it definitely covers a lot of ground. where do you shoot, in los angeles? i thought you lived in new york. >> i do live in new york, but we shoot here at paramount studios. >> jimmy: you'll go back and forth. >> i'm here until we finish, which is about a month from now, then i go back home. >> jimmy: very nice. you have a cabin that you spend some time in. >> i do. i have a place up in the north woods of minnesota. >> jimmy: and you go there just for peace and quiet. >> yeah, i mean it's beautiful. it's -- you know, i have -- there's a lake, and there's a pond and a river, and it's deep in the birch forest, big pine trees. it's incredibly quiet and remote. >> jimmy: are you outdoorsy? do you kill your own squirrels and eat them? >> i haven't done that, no, but i mean, yeah, we swim. you know, i mean we walk. we -- yeah, we're outside a lot when we're in the summe
Dec 9, 2012 1:00pm EST
with the continuing presence of the nazi u-boats in world war ii on the north atlantic. and winston churchill warned roosevelt and america that, basically, something had to be done to stop hitler's u-boats in the war before, as he said it, america -- the sea would become america's cage, cutting off all commerce between the united states, england and europe. and so the president ordered them built in 1940, but the navy, um, decided that that was probably not a good idea. so they convinced the president that the scarce resources that were available at that time would be better spent on destroyers. and i think that if you look at the historical record, you'll see that that probably was a mistake. the destroyer escort is sort of a novel type of vessel. it's smaller than a destroyer, um, around 300 feet. and it had a shorter turning radius so that it could, it could essentially turn on a dime compared to a destroyer. so what they did is they escorted the convoys across the atlantic, and the convoys consisted of troop ships and supply ships for the war effort. but if they, if they made contact with a u-bo
Dec 31, 2012 12:00am EST
of going into north africa, sending troops to the belly of the nazi empire, regaining greece, which is a tremendous story -- everyone talks about eastern europe. what bet the british when they went back into greece in 1944 and started dive-bombing the streets of athen and killing'm residents who fought against the nazis and that's never pointed out. look at what stalin did in poland. he broke this and that. i don't believe he broke yalta. look what the british did. no one ever points to that. and then what we did in greece in 19 -- in the cold war period, the early cold war period in the truman doctrine, we had american advisers in early vietnam, were already over in grease. >> -- over in greece. >> i'm jumping ahead. the british go back the mediterranean get iran back, a conflict in iran in 1945. and beyond that, india is crucial. the jewel of the empire. we show that in the masks, and he gets the far east. its the richest resource in the world. along with britain. not us. and that becomes -- that is a key plot. so, you think from a u.s.-soviet relations. >> three parts cold war i
Dec 8, 2012 11:00pm EST
crucial in great britain defeating nazi germany and its own little talking man. i'm also picking of the entry for kitchen. if another room contains more knives did his room kid how that happens >> george w. bush. >> he's in the buck. let me find that esteemed gentleman. is he? >> he is. >> there he is. forty-third president of the added states who received the presidency as a gift for his 504th birthday from his parents, george and barbara. >> and the state of florida. >> using his connection to the supreme court has fire was able to pull a few strings to give his son the extravagant presents witchy accepted despite his disappointment over not receiving a ford mustang that he had repeatedly requested. although he enjoyed the parade, he grew bored of the oval office , so his buddy take and of orchestra and a military invasion of afghanistan to cheer him up and given something into. he also received a second presidential term as an early christmas present not long after inheriting his father's a war. >> there are some interesting facts about tours of the bush. main a steep -- achie
Dec 9, 2012 10:00pm EST
, handsome brother john briggs, a close friend and hannibal and neo-nazi former class may. twain had passed our set at stalls ground-floor barbershop in basements and bass on montgomery street. a third affair he likened to just save being on main street in hannibal in meeting the old familiar faces. the extensive chunk of granite dome is the montgomery block dominated the southeast corner of montgomery and washington streets. numbers 722 and 724, montgomery. identical gresh tobacco warehouse, melodeon theater and now the turkish bath were trained parboiled the fire ms. sawyer install, another good friend. twain study discards them have to do of dirt. it was cold and sweaty in his path. he took a swig. a few droplets caught in this horseshoe mustache and he left them there. he found as he played poker, smoking one of his wheeling long sandwich report that the could kill it 30 yards. he become addicted when he was a reporter in the mississippi. huffing contributed his own cause to the roiling steam. twain bought the long, disgusting licorice flavored ropes by the basketful including the barre
Dec 25, 2012 10:00pm EST
the jew deal by many. kennedy was anti-semitic in many ways, but he was not a nazi idle and not a sympathizer of hitler. he was not charles lindbergh. >> you talk about joseph kennedy because of his character i guess. also the case that she didn't visit who became president when he got sick then joe kennedy had an affair and he was never at home. the kids mimic the mothers, so the homa wasn't as happy as we seem to think, and yet the children are outstanding individuals. how did that come about? i have written three biographies now and one of the things i've learned when is that people are contradictory. there is no one in this room that hasn't done anything that a loved one would say that's not like you. we all do things none of us -- we do good things and bad things one of the things in discovered writing this book and one of the things that kept me going was that joseph kennedy was a remarkable father, an extraordinary father and i detail this again and again when he was in london separated from his children he wrote each of them have letters, she wrote nine separate
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Dec 5, 2012 12:00am PST
? >> my parents. joy they were nazis. >> how did you know that. >> you know, it is like seinfield can't be an islamic country, right, bill? >> no, definitely not. i don't know. >> my parents wouldn't let me watch "hogan's heros" because the lead guy was a sexual deviant. >> yes. >> larry craig is also a sexual de swraw. i know everything. the bob crane show in the 70s he lived in a garage? that was when he was at his worst. was he still hogan? >> no he was bob crane. he was playing a cartoonist or a morning radio show host. then he was stabbed and killed in arizona. >> he was living in a scum village. >> those that want to learn more, don't. do not. google -- >> bob crane was way ahead of the internet. he was creating the internet in his basement. it is true. we have more stuff coming up. >>> choosing a person of racism is the worst thing. i am not at all. >> sounds like you are defending -- >> no it isn't. no, you -- what do you mean? what are you talking about? >> i don't know. this is an event with two people who believe that lives are genetically superior. >> this is guilt by asso
Dec 27, 2012 6:00am PST
and it is nazis tell mick throughout the postal service. -- and it is not systemic throughout the postal service. >> reporter: he's accused of giving stolen cs to three friends they were caught, one turned him in. d.a. cessna tan appears in -- says natan appears in videos he is being held on $150,000 bail, going to be in court today will see where the case stands then preliminary hearing january 7th. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> san jose police investigating a gang- ed shooting after 8:30 -- gang shooting after 8:30 last night. police fond a man suffering from a gunshot wound an ambulance took him to the hospital. -- the search continues this morning for the gunman. >>> san francisco woman charged with killing a pedestrian during a hit-and-runsíj$ at twin peaks bk in court next monday 23-year-old ginagÑ&xm÷ eunice remains in jail charged with felony dui and gross vehicular manslaughter. she did not enter a plea yesterday. she is accused of being behind the wheel, drunk then taking off after plowing her car into a group of pedestrians last week a woman die at the hospital. eunice's bail was
Dec 28, 2012 4:00am PST
nazi." who does this? - but, when it came to home economics, she was the ultimate cleaning machine. - well, because i have to juggle so many things, i shoot "open house," the "live" show. i'm a new mom, i have a husband, everyone's hungry all the time. if i had the powers that the bionic woman had, i think i could do it all a little bit easier. - jaime sommers, first of all, was a great cook. she was the bionic betty crocker. she can cook without a mixer, and she can roll pastry dough a million miles a minute. - the bionic woman's cyborg partner in fighting crime, the six million dollar man, was no stranger to silly stunts. - a lot of the stunts also were done by lee majors himself. he did have stunt doubles, uh, when they were the more difficult ones. - on "the rescue," it's all about getting things done fast, and i know the six million dollar man is quite handy himself. i mean, i've seen him sawin' boards. i've seen him puttin' in fence posts with his bare hands. i mean, i've tried to rip out fence posts with my bare hands. it didn't go so well. he can build, he can cut, he can h
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